Lecturing and tutoring at Universify

Our tutors provide Universify’s participants with an insight into what undergraduate study at university entails and support them in preparation for their GCSE exams.

We have two categories of tutoring in our programme:

  1. Taster class tutors deliver a seminar on their subject to highlight the breadth and depth of undergraduate study;

  2. GCSE revision tutors deliver intensive revision classes in Maths, English or Science during our Easter residential to help students prepare for their upcoming GCSE exams.

Taster classes

Taster class tutors provide participants with an authentic experience of studying their subject at undergraduate-level. Tutors design a 60-minute class on a subject of their choice whether it is an introduction to the Hippocratic oath in Medicine, exploring the History of film, or debating moral questions in philosophy and ethics, teaching is a chance to share the passion for your subject to ignite enthusiasm in the next generation of university students.

We run taster classes throughout our summer residential and at our Easter residential. Previous classes include Moral Philosophy, Critical Thinking sessions on the Communist Manifesto and classes on Astro-Physics, Earth Sciences and Plant Biology.

GCSEs revisions

As a Universify teacher on our Easter you will deliver intensive revision sessions in Maths, English and Science to help our students achieve the best grades possible in their GCSEs.

Revision classes focus on topics selected by participants prior to the course, to ensure the sessions can be as beneficial as possible. Lessons are from 9am-2pm on the Saturday and Sunday, with a one hour break between 12pm and 1pm with lunch provided.

Apply to teach for us

Teaching university taster classes

We're looking for tutors to inspire participants by providing an insight into what an undergraduate seminar would be like. We are looking tutors with a degree at Masters' level or higher and an enthusiasm and passion for making higher education open to all with academic ability.

Teaching our GCSE revision classes

We are looking for qualified teachers, experienced in teaching the GCSE syllabus, to run intensive revision sessions in either Maths, English or the Sciences.

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