Supporting young people to achieve their potential in education

We want universities to be open to anyone with academic potential regardless of their background. Our year-long programme works to equip Year 11 students from non-selective state schools with the grades, aspirations and knowledge to successfully apply to high-selective universities. We want our participants to make an informed decision about their futures to achieve their potential in education.

Fostering equality in education since 2016

With a year-long programme, our team and volunteers make a positive impact on education equality.


Our year-long programme aims to raise aspirations, attainment, and likelihood of making successful applications to university.


Our programme is proven to overcome three key barriers to entry to highly-selective universities for disadvantaged students.


Help us make universities open to all by volunteering as a Universify coach, teaching our classes, or fundraising with us.

Our mission

Universify Education is a charity committed to educational equality. In our vision, universities are open to anyone with academic potential regardless of their background.

A young person’s chances of attending a highly-selective university are significantly impacted by their family’s socio-economic background, the area they live in, and the school they attend. Our year-long programme for Year 10-11 students from non-selective state schools gives these young people the opportunity to achieve their potential in education.

Providing an insight into life at university

Universify provides students with the knowledge and confidence to fulfil their aspirations in education


Raising educational attainment

Our programme equips participants with the grades and aspirations to apply to highly-selective universities

Supporting students earlier in their journey

Starting on our summer residential, participants experience life as an undergraduate at a highly-selective university, where they meet their Universify coach, who provides ongoing, remote, monthly support. Participants complete the programme at the Spring revision residential with intensive sessions in core GCSE subjects to prepare for upcoming GCSEs and to look ahead to opportunities after Universify.

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