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George - 10/08/1821 · 2 years

Want to hear a first-hand account of what it’s like to study with Melio? We asked Danielle, one of our Computer Science students, what her first experience with studying online was like.

Why did you choose to study with Melio?

Initially, I enrolled to study in-person and attend one of the Oxford Summer Courses classes. But because of this pandemic, I decided to switch online and study with their sister company and online learning platform, Melio Education.

Although I missed the chance to visit the University of Oxford's campus, I know I can always travel and explore this place when the world returns to a type of normal once again. Since I have always believed that one should take advantage of every learning opportunity, I decided to go for the Melio online education program and follow my passion of studying Computer Science.

Before you started studying Computer Science with Melio, what were your initial impressions?

Before I started my Computer Science course, I remember feeling ecstatic to be able to engage with a Computer Science expert from the comfort of my home, but I was also worried about how I would create rapport with my tutor. Online courses can create a disconnect and lack of a teaching presence. However, that initial trepidation disappeared completely during the first day of class. 

My tutor, Dr Prince Abudu, created an engaging introduction by sharing who he is, his research interests, and passion about the subject matter. He was able to establish connection and make his presence felt! You never fully realise how much more there is to learn about a subject up until you are tutored by someone like Dr Abudu who is so knowledgeable about other aspects that you did not even think about before. His command of knowledge in this field is impressive! I am blessed that he was the one chosen to be my mentor. 

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