A Year Long Programme

Whether you are considering university but aren't sure what course to study, you are enjoying school but don't think university is for you, or you are still deciding what you want to do after Year 11, we hope you'll complete the course better equipped to make an informed decision about what comes next!

What would an Online Course be like?

What’s the point of doing an online course about university?

Our online course still allows you to discover what you want from your future, meet other students just like you, and get in depth insights into university life through the community of university students who run our programme.

"I really enjoyed the course, even though it was online. I liked the group work sessions as well as the academic ones. This week I tried out lessons that I normally wouldn't have gone for and was really pleased that I picked them." - Universify participant after our 2020 Online Summer Programme

There's also a lot more to the programme than just the summer. You will still receive monthly online coaching from our university students who will help you to work towards your goals for your future. We would also hope to welcome you to the universities in Spring 2022 in case the summer programme moves online.

What activities do students do on the online summer course?

"Obviously the online course is probably very different from the real thing, but I think there's nothing I'd change about it. There was a really good balance between time spent bonding with my group, and time spent learning about university or in the academic sessions." - Universify participant after our 2020 Online Summer Programme

University taster sessions

Just as in our in-person courses, students attend university style classes in new subjects and GCSE ones, showing what studying it at undergraduate level is like. Students receive a choice of 2 to 3 different topics for each session so you can choose ones that are most interesting to you - but it’s also a great opportunity to try something new so make sure to vary it!

Online Group Work Project to design your dream university 

Work with other Universify students to think more about what you want from university and develop your teamwork and presentation skills. 

University panels and Q&A sessions

Get in depth insights into university life through the community of university students who run our programme. This is an opportunity to discuss any questions or worries you have about university with current university students. 

Group competitions!

Work together with your group to win! We'll have quizzes, art competitions, virtual escape rooms and more!

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How did the course work online? 

We used two pieces of technology to run our online course last summer.

Online Portal - Schoology

This was the main online platform for the online course. We used this to message each other during the course. It also allowed students to work on projects with other students by uploading photos, posting ideas and sharing links. 

Live Sessions - Zoom

Zoom is a great way for us to do interactive sessions online. Everyone was able to see each other on video camera and talk to each other live, as well as to coaches and academic tutors during academic sessions. 

If we have to run online again, we’ve got all the tech to make sure it runs smoothly.

Will my Universify programme be online this summer?

Unfortunately, with the wave of recent infections and the expected rise in infections as social restrictions end on 19th July, we are no longer confident that the risk of students and staff needing to isolate while on our courses is low enough for us to run our courses safely. We have therefore taken the decision to move the courses online this summer.

Please check your emails for further information about getting ready for your online course.

“As the lead for Higher ability students in the school and head of the academic pillar I am confident in saying that the Universify programme is the most significant single intervention that improves progress, self esteem and aspirations.

I know that during the pandemic the opportunity for the current year 11s to participate in the virtual residential was crucial in them staying positive and feeling there was a long term goal attached to the distance learning.  Interestingly those four students have already shown great desire this term and performed very well in early entry exams in English and statistics.

I have no doubt that the ethos and academic culture that the Universify programme creates is excellent in our school that is aiming to inspire first generation university applicants.”

Tim Fox, Senior Vice Principal, Canterbury Academy

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