Commonly asked questions by schools

  1.  How much does the programme cost?

The full year-long programme is free to students and schools. However, we ask schools to fund the cost of travel to and from Oxford/Cambridge for the 1 week Summer Course and 3 Day Spring Residential. 

2. How many places are available on the course?

There will be 250 places on the 2021-22 programme. Each school can support up to 4 student applications and we guarantee 2 places to every school we work with.

3. What students are eligible to apply for the programme? 

Suitable students for Universify Education’s programme in 2021-22, will need to be identified by their teacher as meeting the following criteria: 

In Year 10 in the academic year 2018 – 2019 and

  • Have the potential to do sufficiently well in their GCSEs to make a viable application to a highly selective university

- 6 or more B grades (in the old system) 

- 6 or more subjects at 6 points (in the new system)

  • Are in danger of falling short of their potential – based on the teacher’s assessment of student’s potential and likely trajectory

  • Are unsure of whether to apply to a highly selective university – based on a conversation between the teacher and the student

  • Show an interest in attending a 6-day summer course in Oxford in August (Universify will send out a separate flyer to explain the course for potential students). Teachers can explain what the course entails by relaying the information contained above (note: this is not intended to be a student-facing document). Public information about the course is also available here:

  • Are from a disadvantaged background – assessed in the first instance by school’s knowledge of student’s circumstances. Teachers will be asked to indicate which applicants from their school are on free school meals or provide other evidence of disadvantage through a short written statement.

4. What is the application procedure?

Using Eligibility Criteria above, the school’s lead contact identifies students who will apply to the course and discusses making an application with these students (maximum 4 applications per school) of which 2 places are guaranteed. 

School’s lead contact supports students to apply (link to application form will be sent out in January 2021). 

Teacher provides accompanying information for each applicant from their school:

  • Student’s circumstances (free school meals, pupil premium) or other evidence of disadvantage

  • Predicted GCSE grades

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